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Across 110th Street  Rated R

Slicker than a Harlem shake-down, Across 110th Street "hits hard" (Cue) with a jacked-up, smacked-down thrill-ride through the hell-raisin' hoods of Harlem!


Cooler-than-cool Anthony Quinn leads a hot cast, including Anthony Franciosa and Yaphet Kotto, in a "hair-raising" (Motion Picture Herald) cop thriller that packs a double barrel of "gory vengeance raw, ugly and unnervingly real" (Playboy)!


When a crew of gun-totin' gangsters knocks over a Mafia racket in Harlem, their plan gets blown to hell and the crib gets blown to bits! But as the bullets start flyin' and cops start dyin', a pair of New York's finest are forced to work together to bring justice to the streets before the Mafia brings the ghetto to its knees! Now, wanted by The Man and hunted by the Mob, there ain't no way these homicidal homeboys are getting across 110th Street except in a body bag!

Anthony Quinn
Yaphet Kotto
Antonio Fargas
Anthony Franciosa
Director: Barry Shear
Executive Producer: Barry Shear
Executive Producer: Anthony Quinn
Producer: Fouad Said
Producer: Ralph B. Serpe
Screenplay: Luther Davis
Editor: Byron Brandt
Editor: Carl Pingitore
Costume Designer: Joseph Fretwell
Composer: J.J. Johnson
Special Effects (Digital, Visual) : Joe Lombardi
Cinematographer: Jack Priestley
Associate Producer: Richard Stenta
Art Director: Perry Watkins
Composer: Bobby Womack